and especial conditions rather than men and Polygamy

Marriage in Christian consist of a
man and woman that become to flesh, so polygamy is illicit. In Christian
remarriage is not permitted especial after the death of one of them (Corinthians
7:39-40). Shahid Motahhari said the polygamy is not illicit in Christian. And
after that he survey the matter of this.

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The issue of marriage in Christian is
divine and inseparable, because God creates this between the man and the woman
(Zinati 1384 Sh, 42)., In the Christian if a person who wants divorce his wife
should give a certificate of divorce to her. And after the divorce if a person
wants to get married again, its necessary observe some of conditions.


2.2.2 Marriage of Judaism

Marriage in this part is like a
spiritual and religious act. God’s first supposed to all of humans was
marriage. On the other hand, a man is permitted to sell things: such as a book
of Torah and use that money for his marriage or he is permitted to sell it for
the especial goals (Cahan
1382 Sh, 180). Age of marriage

Judaism persist on the matter of
marriage and especial conditions rather than men and women for the validity of
marriage. So the suitable age of marriage for boys and girls are between the
thirteen and twelve (Ma’dali
2002, 97). In this part girls are get married to a person before their puberty,
their need to the guardian’s agreement. Guardian’s agreement shouldn’t be
ignored especial after the girl’s puberty that is very important. Just at one
time it does can be ignored and that is when she gets divorced or her husband dies.
In this part a person can marry the age of twenty. Remarkable know, in Judaism
marriage the husband is unable to admit his wife’s needs and other desires and
provide her comfort (Cahan
1382 Sh,180t).
 Condition of marriage

There are some conditions of marriage in Judaism.one of them is:
satisfaction and holiness, marriage contract, faith and prayer and others that
apiece have certain features.For example: The first refers to the
declaration of satisfy. Second refers to the document of confidence and
validity and trust that details both the husband’s obligation to his wife such
as: great behavior and satisfying her need and requests, and the wife’s
obligations to her husband such as: the laws of family purity and others. The
third is the prayer that should be performed in public. And the preventives in
Judaism are religion and blood relationship. That not permits to marry non-Jews.
For example: a Jewish child should learn Torah and can be raised to the
God-fearing. And a non-Hewish no matter how good she is or how to raises it, they
can’t help to Jewish child for effect on his role in keeping the legacy of
Judaism alive. However, this marriage preventive has been ignored. And also
forbids marriage between blood relatives, consist of: father, mother ancestors,
sisters, brothers, aunts, children, cousins and grandchildren.