2.0 secured the attendance and information of

Review of Related Literature and StudiesThis chapter shows the information
about topics related to our study. It presents facts and ideas from literatures
like books, journals, and electronic sources. It also provides brief discussion
about related studies from local and foreign studies.2.1
Technical BackgroundThe researchers proposed the
Student Attendance Monitoring System using QR Code with SMS Notification for
Christ In You Faith Christian Academy. This would help the school to aims
or eliminate the problems faced by the school in checking student attendance
manually. The proposed system will secured the attendance and information of
the students and instructors. The researcher will implement an electronically
activated door using solenoid lock with QR Code Scanner /camera. The door is
manipulated by the Arduino Board, which receives signal from the QR Code
Scanner/Camera. The researchers used Visual Basic 2017 Express to develop a
recording system that can be accessed by the administrator for viewing the
student attendance and information. Administrator can delete and add access to
other users in the system. All data and information of the student and
instructor are saved in MySQL Database. 2.2
Related Literature2.2.1 According to Antonio, Arupat
& Galarretta (2015) Almost all of the establishments managements are
relying on the traditional writing and paper works. Most of them use pens and
papers to organize things within especially documents that are related to how a
certain institution runs in a span of years. And also they used a manual
recording of their attendance. This was consistent until such time that
computers started to come and all were just about keys and buttons. Their study
aims to create a modernized system that will give their beneficiary a better
and accurate way to monitor the attendance of their members. A time based
program will be much easier especially with the used of RFID. The purpose of
the Attendance Monitoring System Using RFID for everything is a lot easier because
members will just have to tap their RFID cards and records will automatically
save to their database.  2.2.2 According to Basa, Corsino
& Padua (2015) All the things that we knew and hand made by man are now
change into a machine, only few are still remaining and that is used by the
people who is still want to be traditional. As years passed by, many
equipment’s are upgraded and created. It was aiming to help everything make
easier. Certainly the world of computer system is like a fast-changing lane. Specifications
seem hard and changes fast, application become easily obsolete and new
techniques make old ones new positive. As days go by, problems such as
inaccurate data, delay of transactions and human errors arises. Existing
traditional process still using traditional or manual monitoring for employee
such as Lost of data to unreliable records of attendance of employees and
manually searching the documents and reports requires more effort from the
staff is time consuming. So, they developed a Computerized Attendance
Monitoring to ease and solve the manual based system. It can keep the data more
secured and will take less time and effort because the data will be saved into
hard disk drive for keeping records. 2.2.3 According to
an article, “ID cards have become a crucial part of the business world, making
it possible to simultaneously simplify employee and visitor identification and
enhance a company’s integrity and security. ID cards typically include an
employee’s name, photo, job title and department, making quick personal
identification a snap. As technology advances, however, ID cards are now being
used in a variety of ways to help businesses protect themselves, build
relationships and streamline their operations.” 2.2.4 According to
affordablewebdesign.com, “Consumers by the millions continue to adopt the
smartphone consumer lifestyle, and yet a shockingly small percentage of small
businesses have a mobile website ready to snag those burgeoning numbers of
customers. Since you are here, we assume you are serious about taking advantage
of the competitive edge that mobile website design can bring your business. And
one of the many exciting aspects of having a mobile website is making use of
Quick Response or “QR” codes; those funny little square designs you see popping
up on everything from magazine ads and cereal boxes to fliers and business
cards. They’re also called “action codes” because they make it easy for
consumers to take action after scanning them with their phones. While we
develop your mobile website, we can also incorporate the benefits of using QR
codes into your marketing plan.” 2.2.5 According to Creatrix Campus (2017) Automated Time and Attendance marking system can help
schools and higher education in many ways. There is no doubt that an attendance
management system will help save time and money by eliminating a great deal of
manual processes involved in attendance and leave entry and calculating hours
attended. With automatic class attendance system, teachers can more accurately
and quickly track student’s time on the classroom. Here are the top ten
advantages of implementing Time & Attendance Management solution: 1. Reduce
paperwork and save time and money with mobile and cloud-based attendance
management system 2. Eliminate
duplicate data entry and errors in time and attendance entries 3. Improve
visibility to track and manage student attendance & absenteeism across
multiple campuses 4. Real-time status tracking of leave requests 5. Automatic
calculation of leave and reward points accrued 6. Easy attendance
recording using RFID & Biometric based attendance system 7. Track the
attendance of teachers and staff, assign work and manage allocation 8. Keep the
parents informed about the student’s performance via Email & SMS alerts 9. Auto-generate
various types of reports of class or student attendance 10. Increased
security and confidentiality with role-based permissions to users.   2.3
Related Studies2.3.1 According to Woo Wing Hong
(2014) In many universities, such as UTAR, student attendance is recorded in
the manual way. Lecturers record the student attendance by distriuting the name
list to student and let them to sign on the name in the list by themselves. In
this case, their some point that a student may help other student to sign. This
action can be considered as cheating for them. Student Attendance Recording
System is developed for University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR). This system will
provide a mobile application for lecturers of the university to install and use
it during class. The application will allow the users to record student
attendance, and it will automatically update to the server. By using the
application, the student attendance will be updated automatically. The purpose
of this system is to facilitate the lecturer by reducing the manual works
needed to record and update student attendance. 2.3.2 According to Khajamohinoddin,
M. (2014). The main focused of Watermarking is developing and introducing new
techniques for watermark embedding and detection. Experimental results show
that the embedded watermark is transparent and quite robust in face of various
watermark images at high compression ratios and provides good results in terms
of imperceptibility.In this project, one class of 60 students is taken as a
sample to conduct the experiment. the faculty has 60 QR images of the students
with him. The images corresponding to each student who is present in the class
will be scanned by the faculty by mobile which has QR reader software installed
in it, which confirms the attendance of the students. This data will be sent to
the ARM memory through GSM, using which the data is collected and maintained.
The students who has less than 75% attendence ,their data will be sent to the
PC through the Ethernet as well as to their respective parents through the GSM
(or) free SMS services like way2sms.com at every two weeks , which saves time and
manpower which is the scope of my project., 1(10). 2.3.3 According to Minori, A., Devnath, N., Pasi, N., & V.
K. (2017) “QR Code Based Attendance Management System” is a combination of
two android applications developed for taking and storing the attendance of the
students on the daily basis in the college. Here the professor, who is handling
the subjects, will be responsible to mark the attendance of the students. Each
staff will be given an android application that is used for taking attendance
and generate the overall attendance status. An accurate report based on the
student attendance is generated here. Report of the student’s attendance on
weekly and monthly basis is generated as desired. The main objective of the
automated attendance system is to computerize the traditional way of recording
attendance and provide an efficient and automated method to track attendance in
institutions. 2.3.4 According to Bitario, Ligaya
& Manalac (2012) Schools do have students willing to learn to the extent of
always attending their classes, and in contrast to that is the fact that some
of the students do not attend their classes due to some reasons and that their
parents are not aware of it. And also they checked student attendance manually
by having a attendance sheet for checking the attendance which is prone to
cheating because other student will ask their classmates to ask them to sign
for their attendance. And because of that, they create a PC-Based Attendance
Monitoring Using Fingerprint with Log and SMS Notification to replace the
manual attendance checking system and to securely monitor attendance of the
students. 2.3.5 According to Bangon, Comillas
and Duay (2012) The way of checking the attendance in school is through calls
wherein the teacher or instructor called each student and the student respond
after his or her name was being called to be marked on that day. This method takes
time especially where there are many students in a class. Another way of
attendance monitoring is giving a blank sheet of paper and letting each
students write their name and signature. This way of attendance monitoring may
be cheated by writing other students who is absent. This study aims the
construction of a Student Biometrical Attendance Monitoring. A computer based
project that uses fingerprint biometric. By using the fingerprint scanner it
will easily login in the system and once a student signing the attendance
through biometrics they cannot cheat their record because it is secure by the
system.  2.4
Related System2.4.1 Student Attendance Monitoring
System using QR Code with SMS Notification for Kalalake National High School. In this system, the proponents came
up with a study to replace the manual attendance monitoring system of Kalalake
National High School into an automated attendance monitoring system. The study
aims to implement QR code to the identification cards of each student for efficient
and more accurate attendance record and process. Specifically, this study aims
to:Develop an accurate, reliable and
time efficient attendance monitoring system for Kalalake National High School.Provide an automated database for
safekeeping of the attendance record. The proposed system has a database that
will keep all the attendance record.Parents or guardian may keep in
track of their children’s whereabouts. The proposed system is capable of
sending a Short Message Service notification to the parents or guardian once
their children are done logging in for attendance using the system.Prove the significant difference of
using automated attendance monitoring system and traditional way of attendance
monitoring process.  2.4.2 QR ID Verification Code System.
It is highly essential for an educational institute and company to provide ID
card to each and every student/faculty. The card is generally considered to be
the summary of a student, faculty and employee’s information. The project
Advanced QR coded ID Card Generation  is
being created to lessen their effort as we all know people before use the hand written
ID card. The ID is the pure automated solution and it will help to generate the
student, faculty and employee’s ID card easily. It is a special type of
software which will be used to make an advance ID card with QR code instead of
the bar code. Our ID card produce software that captures  the students, faculties and employees picture
and QR Code. For instance, business card does have only QR code facility and
will add all the features in one ID card. 
This software will  act as a smart
ID card. Another important point is, it can find an open source which means it
will be available for free. QR code can be scanned with any QR IDENTITY
application in your computer and it will show all the information of the
students, faculties and staff. 2.4.3 Student Smart Card using
VB.NET, SQL, Barcode. Attendance is very useful in colleges and schools to keep
a track of punctuality of students as well as preparation of list of blacklist
according to the guidelines of University. Currently the attendance of
students, entering the data into system other calculations is done manually by
the staff. All this work can be done automatically using smart cards with the
help of various technologies like RFID, barcode technology, QR code.  Smart cards here can be used in canteens too,
students can get their smart cards recharged from the canteen and office
previously and then later canteen bills can be paid directly using smart card
number without having the need to carry cash. Also payments can be made in
office related works too using smart cards such as exam fees, form fees, any
kind of fine etc.  Benefits of this system are: Faster and more accurate. Digital Transaction of bills and
fine.Portability and ease of access to
documents  2.4.4 Lyceum of the Philippines
University – Laguna Student Electronic Attendance and Logging System
(Lpu-Laguna Seals). This study was developed to create an electronic attendance
and logging system using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Short
Messaging Service (SMS) with a Web-based management system portal that allows
user to access real time data to ensure campus security and smart information
management. The students will use RFID card system to check in and out of the
main entrance, to both track attendance and log time and prevent unauthorized
entrance therefore utilize the RFID technology. The LPU-LAGUNA SEALS system
developed in this study has six main functions: (1) to use the student RFID
chip in the ID’s as gate pass, (2) to send daily SMS to parents about the
student entry and exit time record, (3) to efficiently manage and monitor
student attendance and logs thru intranet and internet, (4) to integrate
Web-based system portal to access real time logs and attendance, (5) to provide
printed reports and electronic files of attendance and logs, and (6) and
implement the system in Lyceum of the Philippines – Laguna. 

2.4.5 An Automated Attendance System
based on NFC & X Bee Technologies with a Remote Database. The system is
based on a passive NFC card which interacts with a scanner at the entrance of
every institution. The reader generates an electromagnetic field which powers
the passive card to enable it to exchange data in a form of a radio
signal.  The radio signal is interpreted
by the scanner which sends the data out to a processing system. The interpreted
radio signal (data: serial number, text message etc.) is relayed to a wireless
module. The wireless module transmits the processed information to a database
for the purpose of storage. The objective of this project is to track
attendance of staff during working hours using NFC technology. The data
collected would be relayed through a point to multipoint network and also
stored in a database for individual processing and for the purpose of storage.
The implementation of this project will help maximize performance in
Institutions and Industries since the system of checking attendance will be properly
automated and monitored hence saving time. Budget allocation will become easy
since the company would be properly informed of the exact number of staff that
are present in real time and their input at work.  

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