Acknowledging that there
is increasing scientific evidence that human activity is changing the climate
and weather patterns,


Concerned about the rising
levels of greenhouse gases, which is one of the main causes of the increased
rate of global temperature rise,

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Expressing concern that
all countries, especially developing countries, are vulnerable to the impacts
of climate change and some are already experiencing an increase in such
impacts, including extreme weather events, coastal erosion, and see level rise,
which further threatens the efforts to eradicate poverty and achieve
sustainable development, and therefore representing this issue as an immediate
and urgent global priority,


Noting with appreciation the
Great Green Wall of the Sahara and the Sahel Initiative, which combats the
effects of climate change and desertification across North Africa, the Sahel
and the Horn,


Alarmed that the impacts
of climate change are already responsible for around 315,000 deaths every year,


Urgently requests to reduce the original limit
of the increase in the global average temperature from 2 degrees Celsius to 1.5
degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels in the Paris Agreement to further
reduce the risks and impacts of climate change;


Encourages all nations and parties to fully
implement the Paris Agreement, which is adopted under the United Nations
Framework Convention on Climate Change, and that nations or parties that have
not done so to do so as soon as possible;



Propose nations to reduce their carbon emissions
from the general population by;


Reducing the cost of public transport fare to encourage
the general population to use public transportation;


Installing more electrical charging points in
carparks and places of work to encourage the general public to purchase
electric cars;


Calls upon member states to reduce deforestation
within their nation by;


Monitoring protected areas closely to eradicate
illegal logging;


Persuading companies to introduce zero
deforestation policies;



Organising rallies and contests focused on
replanting and to invite famous figures, such as celebrities or politicians,
who are looked up by the majority of the population;