Invention never stops

Many have witnessed of running different types of
heavy engines on roads. Different types of vehicles were made for
transportation powered by steam, petrol, compressed air, electricity and hydraulics
engine. Combination engine ruled the car industry for years and now it’s time
for electric powered cars to run on roads. Today’s lithium-ion batteries cars
are much efficient than those of 18th century. Recently made car of lithium-ion
batteries named “Telsa Fans” can drive up to 1000 km on a single is being predicted that the global sales of electric powered cars
will gear up by 14% by 2025. These electric powered cars are environment and
health friendly because these cars reduce carbon emission by 54% than those of
petrol powered ones. These electric propulsion cars are much simpler and have
few parts that means fewer people need to assemble it. Increase in the use of
electric powered cars will result into the low pricing of oil in international
market. As the electric powered cars use no fuel then it can be used in other
projects including oil refinery to make petrol and diesel and in other
industries. The combustion engine can still dominate shipping and aviation
services for years but on roads electric powered cars will serve people more
cheaply and cleanly.

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