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1. Know that you are not alone.First of all, recognize that every person has doubts. Do you really think that you are the only person on this planet who suffers from a lack of self-confidence? You will not succeed if you think in this way.2. Stop worrying about what others thinkIf you spend your time and energy trying to control what other people think about you and say, you will just get stuck in this vicious circle. There will always be someone who knows, does and earns more and better. Do not be equal to other people’s achievements, let alone someone else’s opinion.3. Set up the nearest goalsIn addition to ambitious, long-term goals, do not forget to set goals achievable and short-term. Great goals are not achieved immediately, and this can create doubts in you. But you can bask in the rays of frequent victories, quickly achieving smaller goals.4. Remind yourself of previous successesIf you are tortured by the uncertainty of the situation, do not focus on negative aspects – better remind yourself of your latest achievements, which have become one more step towards achieving greater goals. Recognize your merits!5. Surround yourself with the right peoplePeople who can motivate and stimulate you should always be close. Do not hesitate to ask their opinion from time to time. By the way, stay away from those people who are skeptical about you, your business and your prospects for the future.6. Be selectivePsychologists advise paying more attention to positive feedback, not negative. Daily think about your victories, even the smallest ones, and positively look at the world around you. Always pay attention to an alternative interpretation of the situation, if you do not succeed. Remember that not everything depends on you and is within your control.7. Remember that you are not the navel of the EarthSometimes it is very difficult to accept a bad experience. You can do everything right, and yet something just does not work. Remind yourself of this when you begin to doubt your abilities. Take a step back and realize that you are not the center of the universe. The same happens with other people, they also have their own goals and achievements, problems and interpretations of the situation.8. Stop depending on the expectation of instant successMost people idealize themselves. When this idealistic image breaks down into reality, it is replaced by doubts and uncertainties. Despite all the efforts, errors still happen, there is no point in dwelling on them, just learn from them.