(1) from breastfeeding? * increases brain development *

When should I start
as soon as possible after birth
             * cuddle skin-to-skin
with your
                 baby right after
      (2) How should I hold my
         * there
are 4 main positions for


What benefits do I get
       from breastfeeding?
increases weight loss
            * creates a special bond
            * decreases risks of
            * save in feeding cost

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(4) What benefits does
my baby get from breastfeeding?
increases brain development
* easier to digest
*decreases chances of ear infections
* mother’s milk is perfectly balanced
nutrition for the baby
(5) How will I know if
my baby is hungry?
smacking lips, sucking fingers, fussing
*crying (late sign)
(6)  How will I know
if my baby is full?
letting go of the breast
* falling asleep and completely stops sucking
 How will I know if my baby is getting
enough milk?
* feeding 6-12 times per day
* baby is happy after feeding
* normal wet/soiled diapers (in chart below)


(8) How
will I know if my baby has a good latch?
 * baby’s chest is against mother’s chest
and chin touches breast
* baby should have “fish lips” around areola while nipple is cupped by
baby’s tongue
* you will hear the baby swallowing and see the jaw and ear moving
should I do to prevent complications?
a good latch/feeding
– reduced risk of sore nipples
* rotate baby in different positions
– reduced chances of clogged ducts, mastitis, and engorgement
* make sure you and your baby are comfortable
*let baby feed at least 15-30 minutes per breast per feeding
(10)  How to care for
*hygiene, peri care
* sleep