1. by English or colonial merchants. This led

1.     Which Colony’s population was most
dominated by slaves, and why?

Carolina was dominated by slaves in 1710. They made up two thirds of the
population due to the people relying heavily on the production of the African

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2.     What were the Navigation Acts and
how did they affect the colonies?

Navigation Act was put into place as a counter against the Dutch and French
shippers buying from English colonies and taking them to foreign markets. This
acted stated that the English goods needed to be carried by English or colonial
merchants. This led to smuggling because the colonist believed they did not
apply to the England laws.

3.     What was the Dominion of New

Dominion of New England was a merging of the British colonies in New England.

This was taken into effect when King James II decided he wanted strict control
over New England.

4.     What changes did the Glorious
Revolution bring about in England and in America, and how does John Locke
figure into this era?

Glorious Revolution led to multiple changes in both England and America. In
England William led the overthrow of King James II and Whig politicians made
King William and Queen Mary accept the Declaration of Rights which created a
constitutional monarchy. This made the House of Commons more powerful and the
Crown less powerful. The Whigs wanted political power to be with the gentry,
merchants, and other property owners. John Locke’s role in this was that the
members of parliament relied on his philosophies to justify their coup. Locke
rejected divine right monarchy and that individuals have intrinsic rights.

Individual rights and representative government were parts of Locke’s philosophy
that also had lasting influence in America. Political leaders in America wanted
to increase the power of the colonies.