1. and national Governments on behalf of its

1.  Describe the Environment of the Organisation




Ø Any relationships with government/ political aspects

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Fernite in an exporting business that is reporting sales and exporting to the government.


Political aspects include payment of necessary tariffs and duties on imports and exports set by Governments. The country’s customs authorities collect those type of payments called import duties on the imports and on some exports, usually based on the value of the imported goods.


Fernite is a member of the local chamber of commerce, a network of businesses which provides support, advice and a voice for business in the region. The Chamber of Commerce interacts with local, regional and national Governments on behalf of its members.


The managing director must also report statistics to the UK Government. This allows Government statisticians to calculate the growth in the economy and individual sectors.


With the use of commodity codes which are codes that refer to the Harmonized System which is the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding system, the Governments and organisations that are not governmental monitor controlled products. Also for tax purposes thanks to the commodity codes they are able to identify goods. Another thing that the commodity codes are used for is the implementation of the price and quota regulations on exports and imports.


The company is an ISO 9001 accredited company, which means they comply with internationally recognised standards. The main purpose of using this standard is to increase the satisfaction of the customers when quality products are delivered.







Ø The marketplace / Market share / Competitors


Machine knives are used in production lines and industrial machinery to perform cutting operations.


Fernite serves markets all over the world including Europe, United States of America, Asia, Australia and many more. There are four divisions of the company and they are:


–        Print Blade takes care of the production of doctor blades.

–        Fernite is a machine knives manufacturer.

–        BSS is a steel stockholder of Spring Steel Strip.

–        AF Whiteley takes care of the granulator blades.


With the four divisions of the company covering different aspects of the steel industry. Fernite is able to specialise and compete in different markets.


Most of the Print Blade’s customers are foreign companies mainly located in Europe and Asia. While most of the AF Whiteley’s customers are United Kingdom companies. When it comes to Fernite and BSS they are very well known to customers all over the world.


Fernite as a manufacturer of quality products is more concerned to strengthen its position on the quality markets rather than the quantity ones.


As China and other Asian countries have captured the cheaper end of the global steel market, Sheffield and UK companies have focused on producing higher value products which require precision or advanced engineering.


Fernite manufacture in the UK using high-quality European steel. This means their products are marketed on quality rather than competing on price, and many of Fernite’s competitors are UK or European based companies as well.






Ø The legal position


Fernite of Sheffield Ltd is a private limited company. This means the company is a legal entity in itself and the owners have limited liability – – meaning they are not personally liable for its debts.


Limited Companies have certain restrictions on its ownership while its shareholders have legal protection. The restrictions are preventing any hostile takeover attempts and usually, they are defined in the bylaws or regulations of the company. The following are some of the major ownership restrictions:


–        Without offering their shares to the other shareholders, a shareholder cannot sell his shares.

–        Shares cannot be offered over stock exchange to the public by its shareholder

–        There is a fixed figure for shareholders which cannot be exceeded.




Ø Collaborations / Joint ventures global company? , local versus international


Fernite had worked with market researchers and export specialists at the UK Government’s Department of International Trade. This department helps businesses grow and export into global markets by giving support and advice on that how the number of services sold overseas could be increased or to start exporting.


Fernite operates through distribution networks across the world, with distributors identifying new customers and supplying them with Fernite products.